South Asia

All Souls’ Day: A Holiday Encouraging Religious Harmony

“In South Asia, All Souls’ Day is also a tribute to ecumenism,” published on November 2, 2015, by is an article discussing a holiday in South Asia. Every November 2, all across South Asia, Christians gather at cemeteries and churches to pray for the dead. In South Asia, a region that is dominated by Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists, Christians of any denomination are the minority. British colonial rule ended across the subcontinent in 1949 and Christians were left with the overwhelming task of maintaining the cemeteries and churches.

Most of the time, Protestants and Catholics don’t have much interaction, yet on this day, both Protestants and Catholics flock to a common space to pray together. Thousands of Christians come to major cities to pray at what are known in South Asia as “Christian Cemeteries”. One of the most influential aspects of the observation of All Soul’s Day, is reflected in its name. The unity that Christians feel on this day is rare and wonderful. This day is the biggest example of harmony among all religions in South Asia. Not only are protestants of all denominations and Catholics unified, but Muslim, Hindu, and Buddhist people who run businesses all greatly anticipate this day as a day their profits utterly multiply.


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